About Sparkpark

SparkPark is a Norwegian startup company aiming to serve the global marked with green technology. Our product portfolio consists of Happy City®, an IoT solution for parking electric scooters at designated parking zones in cities using patented technology. The CEO and co-founder of the company is Igor Pancevski.

Happy City®

Electric scooters that lie on the pavement and block the way for pedestrians, lying in flower beds, or are floating at the bottom of the river, etc. Does it sound familiar? The Happy City® solution is designed to solve this problem. Happy City® is a solution with patented IoT technology that makes it possible to identify whether an electric scooter is parked within a marked parking zone for electric scooters.

Using IoT technology, the solution can track whether an electric scooter is inside or outside a marked parking area. The rental of the electric scooter cannot be ended until the scooter is correctly parked within the marked parking zone. If you have parked outside the parking zone, you will not be able to end the rental of the scooter. With Happy City® scooters that are strewn around, creates difficulties and are an annoyance to others will end.

Happy City® connects the dots between the public, rental companies and the user, and are beneficial for all parties.

The user

The rental company

The public

SparkPark is a neutral player that operate between the public sector, the rental companies and the user to ensure equal conditions for all players. SparkPark can offer a 24-hour uptime service, operation and maintenance for Happy City® to ensure that the parking spaces for electric scooters are available.